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Blues For Los Angeles by Bill Frisell

Blues For Los Angeles can be heard on Bill Frisell – Gone, Just Like A Train (Nonesuch 1998). This is more of a simplified lead sheet than a strict transcription.  I love this tune!  Bill really says so much with so little (unlike this guy).  It’s a 24-bar blues in E.  I added a bass-clef stave in lieu of chord symbols.  But just in case you wondered, it’s a 3 chord blues: I, IV, I, V, I.  Enjoy!


Broadway Blues by Ornette Coleman

I first heard this Ornette Coleman tune on Pat Metheny – Bright Size Life (ECM (G) 1073).  On that recording, Pat pairs it with Round Trip, also by Coleman. It was originally released on Ornette Coleman – Love Call (Blue Note BST 84356, CDP 7 84356-2) and Ornette Coleman – New York Is Now!, Vol. 1 (Blue Note BST 84287, CDP 7 84287-2).


NM updates his site…finally!!!

Wow, it’s been a while.  I just scoured my desktop mac for all pertinent files including many transcriptions, photos, and tracks from over the years. Not sure how to share whilst still protecting my intellectual property. I guess for now I’ll make my stuff available here and see how it goes. Enjoy!!