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Power Fade by Neil Mattson

My newest creation.  Not sure where this one came from.  I started with an ostinato, realized it was in 7, thought that was interesting because odd metered compositions don’t come that easily…usually.  From there it took off.  I arrived at the opening harmonic movement by playing around with 2-note voicings of 4ths, 5ths, and 6ths, and added bass notes that complete the triadic structures.  The next part of the tune I was attempting to compose a basic pentatonic line that slides in and out of B minor and Ab major pentatonic, with a bunch of chromatic neighbor and passing tones to spice things up.  This is a technique that my teacher in Detroit, the brilliant Rob Pipho, was hipping me to in my last lessons over a year ago.  I tried to rhythmically displace the pentatonic groupings so as to create a line that is less predictable and pattern-istic — I think it also makes for more interesting tension points along the way.  Forgive the dance beat 🙂

Power Fade (Scratch Demo)