Cage Free by Neil Mattson

I finished this tune in March and Trio Flux has already performed it twice, once at Langano Lounge on 5/7/10, and most recently at Camellia Lounge 5/14/10.  When Trio Flux bassist, Julio Appling, first read it down he texted me: “Cage Free is bleeping hard!” I stumbled on the ostinato pattern almost by mistake whilst fooling around in drop-d tuning, probably after practicing Egg Radio, come to think of it.  The two-bar bass line sat on the shelf for a couple of weeks until I found the inspiration to expand on it.  Cage Free is all about the harmonic movement in the ostinato pattern. I like how it turned out.

Cage Free demo


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Egg Radio by Bill Frisell

As performed by Bill Frisell on the recording, Gone, Just Like a Train.  I love the sound the trio gets on this recording.  Trying to play this tune is a challenge, in spite of its simple structure.  Frisell is a master of simple lines and gestures. On his solo he paces himself beautifully whilst propelling the tune’s intensity. This tune is in drop-D tuning.


Round Trip by Ornette Coleman