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Power Fade by Neil Mattson

My newest creation.  Not sure where this one came from.  I started with an ostinato, realized it was in 7, thought that was interesting because odd metered compositions don’t come that easily…usually.  From there it took off.  I arrived at the opening harmonic movement by playing around with 2-note voicings of 4ths, 5ths, and 6ths, and added bass notes that complete the triadic structures.  The next part of the tune I was attempting to compose a basic pentatonic line that slides in and out of B minor and Ab major pentatonic, with a bunch of chromatic neighbor and passing tones to spice things up.  This is a technique that my teacher in Detroit, the brilliant Rob Pipho, was hipping me to in my last lessons over a year ago.  I tried to rhythmically displace the pentatonic groupings so as to create a line that is less predictable and pattern-istic — I think it also makes for more interesting tension points along the way.  Forgive the dance beat 🙂

Power Fade (Scratch Demo)


Tracks posted

I’m in the process of gathering worthy cuts from various projects over the last few years.  Unfortuanately, I will never know what music was lost in the MacBook hard drive crash of ’09. Some of the tracks over Anthony Cole drumming (recorded by my brother in Florida way back when) are refreshing to hear after considerable time passed since their recording.  A new recording is imminent, probably next spring. Check out the tracks here.